Linux From Scratch

A few people have been asking what we’re doing in March for ScotLUG. We are taking the advice of government and NOT organising a meeting for March. Based on our current understanding of the situation, we have a talk planned for April.

Our current plan is to meet at the Electron club as usual in April. We do however have the intention of organising an online / live streamed event if need by. I will get more details to you closer the time.

The next meeting will be on April 30th covering Linux From Scratch, kindly presented by Ajazz

In the modern era of flashy app stores, touch-based UIs and containers for all, is there still a place for building your own software from scratch? What about building your entire OS from scratch?

Who’d want to do that?

I argue that there is still a great value to getting to know your OS in detail by building it package by package from the ground up, and the Linux From scratch project helps you do just that. I’d like to take you through the build process and demo a few differently configured machines. But aside from being a great learning project to extend your knowledge of Linux systems, can Linux From Scratch be used for any “real” purposes? It definitely can, and in fact with a few tweaks to the build process, it can even be a fantastic everyday desktop environment.