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#ScotLUG is the IRC presence of ScotLUG, the Scottish Linux User Group.

We are hosted on freenode [1]. The IRC channel has in many ways come to be the embodiment of ScotLUG due to the immediacy of the media.

Membership is free and open to anyone anywhere who has an interest in OSS software. The operating language is mostly english except when Tam is on-line.

With an average of 40 members on-line at any one time there is usually constant chat, scurrilous rumour and occaisionally high quality help and advice on OSS software and also hardware issues.

Although the name is ScotLUG, we tend to be mostly Glasgow or West Central Belt based and our (mostly) tight geographical grouping allows for frequent face-to-face meetings and much beer-to-mouth interfacing also. This all makes ScotLUG a tightly-knit group, perhaps unique amonst IRC channels.