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Welcome to the official page for ScotLUG's IRC channel #scotlug on freenode.

About #scotlug

Scotlug is a virtual LUG in some ways, although it looks a lot like a Glasgow LUG at first. The list has only desultory traffic, but the irc channel is possibly the most active in Scotland. People appear there from all over the place.

There is no archive for #scotlug, decided by debate in December 2003. So there's lots of helpful stuff happening, but if you miss the discussion its gone forever. However people are trying to update this wiki for exactly that reason. See the Scotlug namespace Home for more information.

#scotlug HOWTO

If you haven't used an irc client before or are confused by freenode, see this nice tutorial.

  • mquin's #scotlug CGI:IRC gateway is for using a browser rather than an irc client such as gaim. An irc client gives you more functionality, but this will help you jump in straight away.
  • If you have an irc client installed and your browser knows about it, this direct IRC link to #scotlug should work.
  • There are some things called Channel bots. You don't need them to start talking, but they can be handy.

#scotlug Links

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