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EdLUG meets every first Thursday of the month, every month, at 19:30.

Meetings are held at The Southsider, 3-7 West Richmond Street, Edinburgh. There is no meeting in August due to the Pestival

This page is no longer being updated. For information about upcoming meetings please check the Edlug website

Scheduled Talks

Past Talks


This is more-or-less how it works out each month. There is a hard deadline for the venue though. Informality rules and good suggestions taken on the list or on the day.

17:00-19:30 Informal meeting for those arriving early and/or ordering food

19:30 The official meeting starts

20:15 Break (if its a longer talk) or end of formal talk

20:45 Anyone got something to say, laptop Linux fixit session (plus more beer)

Venue Discussions

This paragraph is now historical interest only. There's a solution that seems to be working well for now.

A thread started which established several things:

and has been used once. It is a good venue.

  • Some people felt (plus others referenced in emails unavailable to the archive) that having a presentation in a room followed by optional pubs/whatever afterwards would be good. Other people suggested alternative pubs.
  • Valley Technology offered sponsorship for tea/coffee/bikkies if a presentation venue can be found, with no attribution sought or wanted
  • Peter George has volunteered a room and computers at Net Resources however there is only room for twenty people. (No wheelchair access unfortunately).


It would be nice if you guys have upcoming.com or eventful account so I'm alerted when you meetings are taking place. I'm very keen to attend your next meeting and maybe in the future offer some meeting space. Jamie from Terinea.

This was done for a while but did not generate any new interest. We will be looking at tidying up the webpage and reviewing our on-line presence during 2012.

Jan (Meeting Co-ordinator)