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  • Talks
  • Question Time
  • AOCB


Speaker: Jonathan Riddell

Talk: Do you have to be brain damaged to care about Desktop Linux?


This months talk is quite a special one, Jonathan is the founder and Community Leader of the Kubuntu Project/ Linux Distribution. He will be talking to us about the technology and politics of KDE and Kubuntu and ponders on how the dream of the Linux desktop has not taken off in the way we all thought it would a decade ago and what is happening instead.

Open Source and Q&A

Like last month, we're going to have a 20 minute session at the end for a Linux or Open Source Q&A session. It is our hope that you can use this time to work on/ with a project that you’re really passionate about, if not get advice on how to go about doing this.



attendence: 20

pub-time: 20:40