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We've got a few things going on.

This months meeting will be the last this summer. We have historically taken a break in July, something to do with good weather and beer I think. We will be back in full tow in August though!

This month will be something a little different, more akin to a social gathering than a meeting, but with some Open Source geekery bolted on the side. Instead of having our usual talk then break to the pub - we're going to be having a small 2 - 3 hour hack-night.

Whether it is Software or Hardware that you're interested in, or whether you would like to get involved in a project, you're more than welcome to come along and give it a try. If yet to get round to it - we can also help you get Linux installed for the first time in mini-install day format. Disclaimer: Back up your files!

Given that things go well - we'll be doing this at bigger scale later in the year as we plan our next year of events!