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This months meeting is tomorrow! We've got a few things going on.

Alistair McKinlay

Alistair will be speaking to us about his Final Year Project at University: Timetables and Schedules are not all the same. They can take many shapes and forms. My talk will detail the process in finding what is generic about all timetabling systems and building a system that can support multiple schedule formats. The project was built using modern web technologies.

William Nelson

William will be chatting to us about the International Space-Apps Challenge which will be happening mid-April.

Q&A Session

I want to restart the ScotLUG Q&A sessions that we had at the end. We have been doing this a little after meetings and in the pub, but I want to kick these off properly again. Feel free to bring any Linux problems that you're having with you and we'll see what our collective minds can do about them!

If you've never been before - we are, as always - in the Electron Club from 7PM onwards, with talks starting at 7:30PM.

Electron Club CCA Glasgow 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow, G2 3JD

Looking forward to seeing you all there!